We create a very limited number of each bag – in many cases only one single piece,
which has an own story reflecting the individuality and the authenticityof the woman who wears it.


Nataly Brunner in work

The creation of each bag includes two steps with two teams:
one from Germany and  one from Moldova, the home country of Philini designer Nataly Brunner.


Nataly Brunner with Serghei Alesencov in work at Philini Atelier
Nataly Brunner with Aneta product developer at Philini Atelier

The bags are designed and developed in Germany and then, together with an outstanding team
of artisans are handcrafted in Moldova – a country famous for its longstanding tradition
as a manufacturer of high-quality and individual leather goods for leading international customers.
Each bag is carefully handmade from the first to the last step by one and the same craftsman,
the shape of the bags show it on their own, as is very visible that to every detail
is given the maximum human attention and love.