I live in Germany, but was born in Moldova, a country full of creative people who do handcraft work all of their lives.
My need to create began at the age of 13 years, during the time when I was destroying my mother’s old clothes in hopes of making something new and interesting from them. As I tried to sleep at night, my dreams would be haunted by visions of what I could wear if I only I had the money to buy all that I wanted.  At that point, I hadn’t realized that I could follow these dreams and could find a way to help women express their inside beauty through their look, clothes, and accessories.
The first steps were taken during my studies at college, but it wasn’t long before I began to feel impatient and anxious to begin the practical realization of my dream. In fact, I was never one to sit patiently on a chair and easily accept a theory, and even though I loved to read and study, I was impatient to make my own mistakes – to discover and experience.
At the age of 20, I opened my first fashion house, which was a giant step and a base for everything that I do now. After many ups and downs, I came to understand that creativity is just a small part of making a dream come true.
After moving to Germany, I underwent the biggest changes in my life, and my dreams came even closer to reality. This time of my life was a combination of adventure and hard times. I was raising my son and at the same time jumping into a totally new world of things I’d never seen before in my life.
Learning a new culture, a new language, and meeting new people made me grow up, and all these experiences helped strengthen my wish to realize my dream and so appeared Philini. A company that stays for the naturality of the women. And has a lot of fun working with different women in creativity, beginning with the models, that usually have nothing to do with modeling, but are working other professions or studying and of course till our beautiful artisans and product developers that do their work with passion and professionality. 
It is nice to see that no matter of changes in life, the real passion for what one does not only survives but develops and hope gives to the women something beautiful...

 Nataly Brunner Philini