Germany brand Philini Bags in Bad Tölz with Hannah


"It's not about bags in fact - it's about women. Women and their stories."

Nataly Brunner


Since 2009, Philini has been creating bags that are a natural balance of fine craftsmanship, slow fashion and long-lasting styles. Bags that have been inspired by stories of the wonderful women that brand designer Nataly Brunner meets in life.


Philini Tteam in Atelier


In a world of fast fashion, the Philini team dares to stop and look closely. In no rush, they have a love for the process, details and—most importantly—for people.

Working conditions and work ethics are a priority in all parts of the creative process, from Philini’s main studio in Germany to the atelier in Moldova. 

The bags are designed and developed in Germany and handmade by an excellent team of artisans in Moldova—a country known for its long history as a manufacturer of high-quality, custom leather goods.

Philini Atelier in Molodova, creating individual bags


The shapes and details of our bags showcase the high level of investment and attention put into the work. Each bag is meticulously handcrafted by a professional artisan from the first step to the last.

The small team and close collaboration encourage creativity and quality throughout the craftsmanship process.

philini atelier


The materials used to create Philini bags are sourced in Italy and Germany.

The origin and the quality of the leather are very important to the durability of the bags. Since leather is still one of the best natural materials, the goal is to look very carefully at its origin.

All Philini handbags are protected internally with a soft, washable lining that is also sourced in Italy.

The bag „Domi“ from Philini basic collection, in Starnberg



„Philini's designs are all about favourite things, things that you love so much that you can easily imagine wearing them for as long as you want regardless of fashion trends.“


We choose models based not just on looks but on personality. Most of our models are not working as professional models. We meet them in different places and invite them to be a part of our creative team. They are lawyers, hairdressers, medical students, managers and salespeople. They are feminine and powerful, dreamers and makers. 

Our photoshoots last as long as they need to. Our main shoot, which became our cult photoshoot over the years, happens once a year. This is a real adventure. Our last photoshoot took place over the course of 35 days across 5 countries and 12 cities.

We challenge ourselves not only to take beautiful pictures but to live and have experiences together. It's about getting to know each other and giving the models time to simply be themselves. It’s about building long-lasting relationships.


Philini new face Anastasia


“My experience with PHILINI was, for me, a new discovery in every sense, beginning with travelling through various places and ending with the discovery of a new self in the looks created for the shoot. We travelled a lot, got a chance to know each other better, talked, laughed, worked and made jokes. It is always a huge pleasure to work with creative people that are in love with what they do. And the bags—the bags are a special story. They create the atmosphere. In each of them is invested a lot of soul; each detail is carefully thought over and they are robust and nice to touch. We noticed how people were turning around and were admiring not just the simple cute girls, but the stylish women who knew their own value.“ Anastasia Zeleniuk

Philini New Face Yana. New Nouvelle bags line.


“...Thousands of miles from Germany, I remember with a big smile and very warm feelings the work I did with Philini. I believe something very important has changed in me after working with the whole team. One evening, when we were returning from the photoshoot in Austria, we were driving near the mountains. It was very dark and suddenly there began a very intensive rain with thunder... I realized that moment would remain forever in my memory...I was feeling myself a woman, one that is full of life and very strong, one that could go through any obstacles. I was feeling that I madly fell in love with the people with whom I was in the car. I understood that I was surrounded by people that were extremely beautiful and, first of all, beautiful with their thoughts and ideas. It was a magic time, magic work and magic bags... every time I held one in my hand, something inside me was changing…” Yana Baycheva

Polina für Philini Bags. New face of the campaign. Leather Bags Germany.


"I was absolutely happy and overwhelmed with emotions while working with PHILINI. I felt incredibly comfortable all week...The PHILINI bags changed my view of the image of a woman in the modern world. Restraint, elegance, quality—all this creates an intense feeling while wearing these bags. Every bag is a story that we lived... It was an unforgettable experience for me. I feel very proud to have worked with this brand." Polina Cherdivara