Whitney black leather mini bag philini


Whitney… So complicated and so simple.  So elegant and so wild in all the positive meaning. So funny and so sad. So easy going and so reserved… Contrasts that very harmonically fit in one person…

I was cleaning around my boutique in Munich when on my horizon appeared Whitney. Just like from nowhere in front of me.

I was soooo blinded by her beauty and natural elegance, that even without a proper Hello, I just stopped her and asked if she is a model. To what she very energic and happy answered: Yes! 

Simple, without any heavy looks or arrogant tone, she embraced with her warmth and kindness. Patience and tolerance. A little bit uncontrollable, making you understand her trust to you with it.

In front of me was staying a person full of love to the people around. Sometimes confused about what is going on around, but anyhow full of love. This kind of love that is hidden in small gestures, positive reactions, treating you like a family member.  Hidden in the ability to continue from that point where it was stopped without any bad thoughts. Making the things look simpler to make you feel comfortable like there is no effort. Sometimes I was asking myself how she can manage it to make it so easy looking when she is such a deep person and some situations are really not so easy.

Our first meeting happened about 7 -8 years ago. Things changed at me, at Whitney, but in between somehow, we are still around each other.  Not bothering, not overwhelming, but somehow always finding a way to show each other that “Hey, I am on your side and am happy for you and I give a bit of myself to you.”. No expectations, just understanding and long conversations with some wine at our meetings or after a long photo shooting.

From the beginning I got to know her, when already she was in my boutique, buying a bag that was nice for her from my first collection, I was trying to imagine what kind of bag could fit her energic, cool and elegant way to be. That bag that could wear her name. Whitney’s Bag. 

Whitney's Bag story Philini Inspiration Woman