Semfira blog story


I was on the train to work. I was sitting quietly with music in my ears when Semfira entered at a station. She took a seat in front of me and after a few moments, she just laid her head on the back of her seat and closed her eyes. Somehow I was even happy that she closed her eyes as all the way I was staring at her I think any person could feel uncomfortable.

I was trying to absorb her beauty. A beauty that comes from a very rich inside world, a lot of read books and an enormous power which was hidden under a fine and gentle look. I was trying to understand how such a big inside world can be within such a small body. You could feel it, even with her closed eyes. And at that moment when she opened her eyes, I already had a business card in my hands. It was one station before mine, so all that I could ask her is to look at my Philini website, that I search new faces for my collection, or just to come to me.

I remember how I came home in that day and I told my husband that I met a special girl in train and that I really hope that she will come. And some days later she came. A real photo shooting for Philini we still didn’t realize. But for a longer period of time, I got a great assistant in my boutique and for all time a very wise friend, for which I will be always very grateful…

And after all, the time of knowing each other – I really wanted to reflect the combination of her gentleness, this colorful inside power, and an easy-going way to be on my design. So, her bag was created…

three-colour suede leather bag