Pamina's Story Philini


It was a Saturday morning. A very raining morning. That kind of morning when you could be all day in bed, being lazy and just enjoying some reading and relaxing. But some, impossible to cancel things made to get up and go to the office. It was not so far away from home, so I decided to walk. No people around, almost no cars. A kind of silence that was making the streets lost.

Was walking already back and found myself lost in my thoughts when on the opposite side of the street appeared a girl. I was watching her trying to guess how old she is: 15, 16, 18? Her red hairs were flying around and the windy rain was disturbing her. A kind of unusual beauty that was hidden under a warm jacket and on the focus of what she has to carry. She had a big carriage with newspapers. It impressed me this. Young, beautiful, in rain, working on Saturdays. It was not a usual picture for the little town where I live. Her wish to do something, no matter of bad weather, weekend and early in morning in this age impressed. We crossed the street in the same time, I almost was on another side when a light impulse told me to go back and find out who is this girl.

I stopped her and asked how long she works so and if she could have some fun to do the internship at me, in same time putting in her hands my business card. I guess all my actions confused her a bit but didn’t scared. As on Monday, I got a call from her and in the next days, she was already trying to learn maximum about bags, leather and very patiently fulfilling some a bit boring tasks on the computer.  Very soon we got to know each other a bit better and finding out her passion to writing, it surprised me how talented she is after reading her first stories.

So young and so good writing, even if am not speaking perfect the German language  (in fact the English one too), I could clear see what for a good feeling she has for this language. And in a kind of way already not she was learning something from me, but me from her. I was learning and still am learning from her how to feel the german language. Just nowadays, after 3 years of supporting each other, am happy to read her stories on her blog, And in between, her effortless way to be inspired me to create a bag. A bag that wears her name: Pamina.


grey suede bag