Wallet Bag Mihaela by Philini



Autumn…the time when we slowly calm down and try to understand whats going on and prepare for the winter. It’snot so much about looking back but trying to collect the results. It’s about simply looking for a good cup of tea to go with that perfect cake that, in summer, was perhaps a bit too sweet but now is necessary. 

This is a time of running. I can’t say this is too much work, as when you do something that’s fun and gives you energy it’s very hard to call it work. But I guess we run to catch the time, being afraid that our wishlist is too long for those 24 hours. That’s why I trusted my photoshoots to Kristina, a good friend who has big dreams and wishesand who knows me well enough to turn my visions into photos.

Mihaela. The young woman that caught my attention when Kristina asked me what I thought of her and whether I could see her in the new series of Philini photos. I agreed intuitively based on her Facebook account. But when I met her after the photoshoot just one week later, I was curious. Curious to see how she was not only in pictures and on social media but in real life.  And I finally let myself be surprised. 

If I could describe Mihaela in two words they would be grace and loyalty.

There are those people who, no matter what they do in life or what changes or growth they undergo, remain loyal.

Loyal to something that totally became a part of them.

They move forward and achieve goals

They change.

They meet new people, but at the same time, they have a very clear loyalty within. And nothing gives a woman more grace than clear values and intelligence. Feminine but strong, that’s how I perceived Mihaela at first sight. 

That experience, built with only intuition, wishes and the help of the whole team, created the bag “Mihaela” that is now in the new Philini collection.