First time when I met Melanie, my first thought that I had was: what for a special beauty…

I met her in the time when she worked as a hairdresser. I think she felt that I came not just for cutting my hairs, but also to make a change in my life. And I really enjoyed that she took enough time to cut my hairs, like giving me time to realize what I want and what I want to put aside…

It was a hairdressing salon near my home. Sometimes when I walked home in the evening, especially in winter, I watched how she worked with her clients. It was easy to recognize her in the lights of the salon. Outside it was dark and the salon looked like a small stage on which something was happening. And Melanie – with her long nice hairs, her big eyes, and her visible responsibility remembered me of a hidden spirit of the Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame Cartoon… I don’t know why, perhaps because of the combination of being alert of what she has to do and her openness to an adventure. But at the same time she still remained to be a secret.

It was nice to watch her beauty. I remember this small promise inside as if it were yesterday: “If I will ever make a photo shooting, I will invite her to be my model”. But in that time Philini even did not exist. It was just a growing up the imagination of my dream. And later, I already moved to another city and for a while I disappeared doing my best to build up Philini. By a big coincidence, I again found a contact to Melanie. And we met again, however, this time not in the hairdressing salon anymore, but already for the next photo shooting of Philini.

It was a photo shooting that helped us to better know each other and to slowly build up a special connection. With time her character, her perfectionist way to be inspired me to design a bag, which wears her name…

philini melanies bag philini dawanda

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