The story of Philini Bag Domi


There are people that teach you to trust.

They just come to you and open their soul to you and trust you on their own.

They don’t expect anything bad from you and they just want to know you. And from them you learn again to trust, you begin to believe again that everything is possible… This is about Domi...

My first contact with Domi was a virtual one, in Facebook. It began with my comment on her picture. I never saw her before in life. Word by word I was really fascinated to see how two persons that never saw each other before can so much understand and feel the same things. I remember our first long conversations. Some of them made us stay quiet late in front of the computer and sometimes I even asked myself whether I realize that I talk with a person I never saw in life. It took about one and a half years before we saw each other in life. And our first meeting was one day before the photo shooting of the “Story of the impossible…” for Philini. She accepted to be a part of the vision and took part in the photo shooting. I remember her question one day before her flight: “Nataly, what I am doing???”. So what was she doing…She came by plane from Slovakia to Germany. To a person that she never saw in her life and came not just to see this person, but also to take part in our photo shooting that has nothing to do with her profession. Crazy, but cool.

I remember that day when she arrived. I was waiting for her at the airport watching her how she came with her suitcase and it was a very unreal feeling. You know so much about a person, but you cannot believe that you see this person in life. This unreal feeling disappeared quite fast by the women’s common topic: “Shoes”!!! The first thing we were done was buying some shoes for her for the photo shooting. As we were very short of time we went to the first shoe store directly in the airport Munich. And there, our adventure and the time of reality began. On the second day, we drove to Nuremberg to pick up Melanie for the photo shooting and then we drove all together to Dresden, to a small and private airport used for oldie-airplanes. Here, Tom Kohler and his team arrived from Karlsruhe later and the photo shooting took place. Three nice, tired, and unreal days. Domi went back to Slovakia. But the story didn’t finish. We still keep sharing our life and experience.

The last time when we saw each other was February 2014. We met each other in Vienna and spent some nice days together. Already like two old friends. We have grown up, we have changed. But we still trust. And we still believe…

Sometimes the stories that seem to be impossible become possible. People make them possible…

Inspired by her inner power, intelligence, and cool way to be, but in the same time with an inside wild elegance making her very special, it appeared her bag

Domi's Bag